Course Description

When your addicted loved one enters treatment, it can be both a giant relief and stressful.  In this course, you can find out all the ins and outs of what to do for your loved one.  Find out what the first few weeks of treatment looks like and what your new role is.  Learn how to stop enabling, detach from your loved one and set appropriate boundaries.  Find out how to support your loved one through emotional challenges and when they leave treatment.   Build your knowledge to help yourself and your loved one be successful in a new way of life... recovery.

Founder, Counsellor and Facilitator

Jodi Takhar NTHP2

Jodi is a family addictions therapist, interventionist and counselor located in Vancouver, BC. With personal experience in long-term recovery and living with addicted loved ones,  Jodi brings practical and professional experience to her work.Her background enables her to understand addiction, the way family can sometimes participate in the cycle of addiction and how to make lasting changes.  A solution is possible for anyone who wants it. Jodi is passionate about what she does and loves to see families get the help they need to foster recovery for everyone.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Treatment, Now What?!

  • 2

    In The Beginning

  • 3

    The Tools

    • Detaching With Grace

    • Detaching with Grace Handout

    • How to Stop Enabing

    • Stop Enabling Handout

    • Setting Boundaries

    • Boundaries Handout

    • Codependency

    • Codependency Handout

  • 4

    From The Heart

    • New Ways to Communicate

    • Communication Handout

    • How to Build Trust

    • Trust Handout

    • Forgive not Forget

    • Forgiveness Handout

  • 5

    Shifting Your Focus to You

    • Substance Abuse Withdrawal

    • Substance Abuse Withdrawal Handout

    • Supporting Your Loved One After Treatment

    • How to Support Your Loved One Handout

    • Taking Care of Yourself

    • Taking Care of Yourself Handout

    • Education and Support

    • Education and Support Handout

    • Conclusion

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